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  • HST Blue Pullman in N
  • EuroPhoenix Class 91 in OO
  • N Gauge Mark 4 Set - Transport for Wales

Welcome to Electra Rail - Full Colour Vinyl Overlays for Model Railway Vehicles

What's New 01/07/2022                                                

If you have any queries regarding products or existing orders, please e-mail sales@electrarail.co.uk

Contacting Electra: For all enquiries, please e-mail  sales@electrarail.co.uk. I often receive enquiries via Facebook, Messenger, N Gauge Forum to name but a few and can lose track of messages on other platforms.

Blog: An occasional blog has now been added to the website - link in the main navigation bar.

UltraWhite Vinyl: Most Electra lines are now being printed on our new UltraWhite vinyl, with precision cut out window openings. This gives improved colour definition and is 100% opaque - no preparation needed for the base model. Not all Electra products are suitable but this will be rolled out where possible.

OO Gauge Class 165 and 166 Networker Turbo: I have produced an extensive range of overlays to convert and relivery the Bachmann Class 166 into a Chiltern Class 165/0, Thames 165/1 and a range of 166 liveries.

Coming Soon: Vinyls for the Revolution Trains Class 320 / 321 and Graham Farish Class 319 EMUs. 

N Gauge Mark 3 Sleepers: The artwork has been modified to work with both the Graham Farish and new Dapol coaches. If you require an improved INTERCITY or Blue / Grey Sleeper, look no further.

APT-P in N: I now have a full set of  vinyl overlays to accompany the superb 3D printed APT-P vehicles from Bees Hill Models. The full range of APT kits, vinyls and decals is available through the Electra website, here.

Class 185 in N: vinyls now ready for the stylish Class 185 DMU, designed to fit the CMAC 3D printed bodyshells.

Electra Rail offers a massive range of pre-cut, self-adhesive vinyl livery packs in N and OO Gauge. 

Beware of inferior products you may see on Auction Sites. Electra does not sell via eBay - just through this website or via e-mail.

Only Electra vinyls are printed on a £6,500 Roland VersaCamm vinyl printer on clear film or UltraWhite vinyl , with incredible colour definition and detail. 

Each livery pack is researched in detail with emphasis on correct colours, fonts and logos. Don't settle for second-best.

All items are printed to order, though some popular lines are kept in stock. Please e-mail if there is anything you would like to see produced that's not on the website.

Save yourself the time and expense of repainting your models, applying separate transfers when you can get professional results with Electra Rail.

Hull Trains Class 802 Pioneer
Luxon Observation Car - N Gauge
N Gauge APT from Bees Hill Models