Welcome to Electra Rail Graphics

Update 9th July 2024

Welcome to Electra Rail Graphics.

Hello everyone 😊 I hope you are all keeping well 😊

We have a few bits to go over in this update so here we go: πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Just a gentle reminder that we haven’t forgotten you, if you have placed an order with us. We are just working on a roughly 12 week backlog at the moment so it is taking time to go through each order, ensure the design is correct and up to the highest quality and fits the model required. Sometimes we do have problems where we don’t have the required model, this is usually for kits, so if you do encounter any issues then please let us know and we will work with you to resolve any problems. ⏱

On the subject of communication, our old email address appears to have stopped working so we have given up on it. We now have a new email address:


This is a brand-new inbox so if you have contacted us via email and not received a response then please contact us again via our new email or on Facebook messenger, as we won’t have your original email. Just be aware that both of us work full time so it may not be an immediate response from us. πŸ“¨

Sometimes we will end up with models that become surplus to requirements at which point, we are going to start listing them for sale on our website. These will be ad-hoc so keep your eyes peeled. πŸ“£

A few of you have been asking about certain liveries and if we produce them so here is a quick summary of a few notable ones: πŸš‚

🟑 Avanti West Coast: We have sent off all the required paperwork to Avanti and we are just waiting on the final go ahead from them before we can reoffer that livery for sale. We are hoping to reproduce the liveries in N and OO for the 221 Super Voyagers, the 390 Pendolinos and for N gauge only (for the time being) the class 805 and 807 Evero.

🟠 East Midlands Railway: They have given us limited permission to use their branding so we can now reproduce the class 156 and the 222 (on the 220 or 221 model) in both N and OO but that is it for the time being. It is also only the interim liveries (white grey and purple) not the full blown colour scheme.

🟒 Chiltern Railways: We have permission to reproduce the entire Chiltern Railways range and so we have added the option to purchase the Mk3 rake, in OO gauge, onto our website. N gauge will follow soon.

🟠 ScotRail: The current ScotRail branding is off limits to us for the time being. At the time we had the discussions with them, they were undergoing a period of internal restructuring but we are hopeful that we will be granted permission in the future.

πŸ”΄ Northern: We have so far been unable to make contact with DOHL or Northern so we currently don't have permission to reproduce their liveries. We will keep trying to find a way to make contact.

The final bit from us is just to say that another announcement will follow soon confirming a launch date, but we are happy to say that TT gauge 1:120 stock will be on the way soon. We will be starting with Mk1s, Mk2s and Mk3s and see how it grows from there. Thank you to those of you who have helped us with the initial stages. More will come on that in the future. β³πŸ”œ

Thank you all again for your support and patience, and happy modelling. 😊

Luke & Kylie

Electra Rail Graphics