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What's New 03/05/2021

If you have any queries regarding products or existing orders, please e-mail sales@electrarail.co.uk

I have removed Pay By Cheque as a payment option. There has been a lot of difficulty with cheque payments and it is with regret I have removed this option. If you have no other way of making payment, please e-mail me to make arrangements.

RailAdventure: The lovely folk at www.railadventure.de have given the OK for Electra to produce their distinctive HST power cars that were unveiled at Eastleigh in April 2021. These are drawn up awaiting testing, so watch the website or the Electra Facebook page.

Record Breaker? Within a few hours of picture emerging online, I have completed vinyls for 43274 in East Midlands Railway Purple - now available in OO and N!

OO Gauge: NightStar Coaches, Mark 4 Coach overlays now available in LNER/VTEC, TFW and Grand Central

N Gauge EMU Fans: N-Train Class 317 and 455 kits now added to site. Class 123 and 124 Inter-City DMU kits now available from N-Train. Class 210 DEMU also now available.

N Gauge: EWS Beastie Logos.

Germany: DB BR670 Railbus vinyls now available in N - the first Electra offering for Germany. 

Northern : From 14/01, all units in the current white/blue Northern Railways scheme will feature the new, uppercase NORTHERN logo. Please e-mail me if you would like this changing to the older lowercase version.

Electra Rail offers a massive range of pre-cut, self-adhesive vinyl livery packs in N and OO Gauge. 

Beware of inferior products you may see on Auction Sites. Electra does not sell via eBay - just through this website or via e-mail.

Only Electra vinyls are printed on a £6,500 Roland VersaCamm vinyl printer on clear film, with incredible colour definition and detail. .

Each livery pack is researched in detail with emphasis on correct colours, fonts and logos. Don't settle for second-best.

All items are printed to order, though some popular lines are kept in stock. Please e-mail if there is anything you would like to see produced that's not on the website.

Save yourself the time and expense of repainting your models, applying separate transfers when you can get professional results with Electra Rail.

Mark 1 Cravens Prototype Coaches in OO and N
N Gauge Tube Train kits from N-Train