1938 Stock 4-Car Set


N-Train kit. 1938 Underground Tube Train.

The 1938 Stock was built as part of the London Passenger Transport Board's New Works Programme 1935–1940. The trains were primarily intended for use on the Northern and Bakerloo lines, with an additional seven trains also being used on the Piccadilly line.

So successful was the 1938 Stock that, when in 1948 additional cars were needed, 91 almost identical cars were built, 70 non-driving-motor (NDM) cars and 21 trailer cars. These were known as 1949 stock and operated with the 1938 stock.

They were starting to show their age by the late 1960s; the first withdrawals from the Northern line took place in the early 1970s.

Ten 2-car sets were sold to British Rail for use on the Isle of Wight and are available from Electra as Class 483.

3D printed, polished nylon body kit. The kit consists of four bodies, four dummy chassis and Electra vinyls.

Before starting, remove the sprue from each part and clean with warm soapy water. White powder may collect in cavities.

The surface texture is slightly rough. However, with a little care, this will look reasonable from normal viewing distance.

Paint with primer, then with suitable top coat. You may wish to use wet and dry paper between coats to help smooth the surface finish.

Your kit will be ready for dispatch within three weeks

Suggested motorised chassis (Not included) Tomytec TM-05R

Some trains were run with nine cars. If you wish to replicate this, please contact us and we will let you know the cost for the additional bodies.