APT-P 3-Car Trailer Set

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Exciting new 3D printed kit from Bees Hill Models of the APT-P 3-car half set. This formation was often used during early testing with RTC Mark 1 Test Service Car 9 and Prototype HST Power Car,

3-car Trailer formation DTS-TS-TFB comes with a coupling, all trailer bogies (4 of them), 3
bodies, 3 chassis and all windows (13 in total). The modeller will need additionally 16 Farish blackened 5.1mm

Also available "rigged for towing" with one driving car nose lifted and dummy power car for diesel haulage.

Electra vinyls include bodysides, cab ends and roofs. Only painting needed is on the inner ends.

Available with plain yellow ends or with black cab window surrounds.