Class 142 Pacer 2-Car Railbus N



Livery Packs to redecorate the Dapol Class 142 N Gauge Pacer

I am proud to be able to offer a wide range of Class 142 vinyls to fit the Dapol Pacer Railbus in N Gauge  and offer a range of options to reflect the variety of bodyshells and door types available.
  • Early Bodyshell - 142001 to 142049 - these feature 10 ribs on the roof
  • Late Bodyshell 142050 to 142096 - these have just 3 roof ribs
  • Early doors - as built until 1995 with bus-style 4-leaf doors
  • Late Doors 1995 - Present - twin leaf doors
Pre-1995 liveries will have the early doors by default - if you would prefer the later type, please indicate. Post 1995 units will come with the later doors only.