Class 210 DEMU


Two prototype Class 210 Diesel-Electric Multiple units were built in 1982 featuring a single power unit at one end, similar to the Southern Region Thumper DEMUs. These used the same Mk3 bodyshell as the Class 317 EMU.

Both sets were very different -  210001 was four coaches and a 1,410bhp MTU engine. 210002 was three cars and had a smaller 1,125bhp Paxman engine. The power cars on both sets also featured a different layout.

After testing and visits all around the network, these units settled down to work on suburban services from Paddington to Newbury and Oxford. until 1989 when the sets were broken up to form a 4-car EMU for evaluating equipment for the forthcoming Networker EMUs.

Although a successful design, the units were expensive but they paved the way for the Sprinter DMUs.