Class 373 - GNER White Rose - Original Livery

Complete bodyside vinyls to relivery your kato Eurostar into the popular GNER Blue/Red livery.

Four sets of 14-coach Class 373/3 units were hired to GNER between 2000 and 2005 to work services between London Kings Cross, York and Leeds. Incredibly popular with passengers, these were a challenge to operate due to the sets being longer than many of the platforms on the route.

A full 373 rake consists of two numbered half-sets, designed to be able to separate in the middle.

Four different packs are available, representing set 3303/3304 "The White Rose"

  1. Full set - 2 Power Cars and 14 coaches
  2. Kato Box Set - 2 Power Cars and Six Coaches
  3. Expansion Pack 1 - Four Coaches - Unit 3303
  4. Expansion Pack 2 - Four Coaches - Unit 3304