Class 465 / 0 Networker EMU

Introduced by Network SouthEast in 1991, the Class 465 Networker 4-Car EMUs revolutionised services from London to North Kent. These were the culmination of the Advanced Multiple Unit programme and featured a 3-phase drive, plug doors and a bright new interior - a far cry from the 1950s EPB units they replaced.,

Two fleets were initially delivered, the 465/0 by BREL and the 465/2 by Metro-Cammell. Although externally similar, the two fleets have numerous differences. Further BREL 4-car and Metro Cammell Class 466 2-car units were ordered later.

All units are still running, now operating for SouthEastern Trains. Some of the Class 466/2 have been provided with First Class accommodation and re-classified as 465/9 to provide longer-distance services.

The N-Train kit provides bodyshells floorpans and underframes to make a 4-Car unit and comes with your choice of Electra Rail vinyls for the finishing touch.