Class 482 Waterloo and City


Class 482 / 1992 Underground Tube Train.

The 1992 stock entered service on the Central Line in 1993 and remains in service today. The attractive design was chosen by LT in a design contest where three prototypes were built and evaluated.

A later batch was built for the Network SouthEast operated Waterloo and City line, classified as Class 482 and in full NSE livery. This line transferred to LT and the sets are also now in the same LT livery.

3D printed, polished nylon body kit, No-Frills Kit.

The kit consists of four bodies, four dummy chassis and Electra vinyls in the current white / blue / red livery.

Before starting, remove the sprue from each part and clean with warm soapy water. White powder may collect in cavities.

Paint with primer, then with suitable top coat. You may wish to use wet and dry paper between coats to help smooth the surface finish.

Your kit will be ready for dispatch within three weeks

Suggested motorised chassis (Not included) Tomytec TM-10R

Price includes Electra Vinyls, which include a choice of front end for the London Transport versions.