EPS Nightstar Coaches

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The Nightstar coaches were introduced in 1997, intended for international services from the UK, via the Channel Tunnel to European mainland destinations, such as Paris, Brussels and Cologne. These coaches were based around the BR Mark 4 bodyshell with a host of safety features for running in different countries.

There were ambitious plans to run services from the north, using Class 92s and from South Wales using Class 37/6 diesels with a Mk3 generator car.

The cost and complexity of the project along with the emergence of low-cost airlines killed the project and the coaches were sold to Canada in 2001.

The Electra vinyls are designed to be used on the Hornby Mark 4 Open Second / Open First coach. Some minor bodyside modification is required for the Sleeper and SV.

Please Note: The finished model is to UK OO Gauge (1/76) and will appear slightly overscale in HO (1/87).

Three types of coach were built:

Seated Open (SO) - fitted with 50 reclining seats in  airline fashion

Sleeper Car: (SL) - incorporating ten sleeper cabins

Service Vehicle (SV) - has 15 seats and catering / staff / customs accommodation

The coaches were marshalled into semi permanent sets of 7 or 8 coaches comprising two seating coaches, a service vehicle and four or five sleepers.