EWS Beastie Logos (Self-Adhesive)



Available in 2 sizes, Electra's EWS logos are ideal for applying to former Railfreight or  Loadhaul / Mainline/ Transrail locomotives. These logos were applied to locos that were not due for a repaint but brought them into the EWS fold.

The vinyls are self-adhesive and can be safely applied and removed with no damage to the paintwork underneath. See the Revolution Trains 92 in the main picture.

(DISCLAIMER - I have used my vinyls on most RTR models with no paintwork issues - even after a couple of years. Some older models, such as Poole Farish and repainted models may require some more care).

Two sizes are available - Small, as used on the Class 37, 56, 58 and 92 and Large as used on the some class 60s. I recommend checking photos of the loco you wish to model as some 60s carried smaller logos.

Priced at just £4.00 for two pairs (including UK postage).