Mark 1 APT-P Test Coaches

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As part of the APT-P Test Process, various vehicles were run over the BR network in test formations, often hauled by the HST Prototype Power Cars.

As the HST Prototype power cars are available ready to run from Dapol and some excellent 3D printed APT kits have been produced by Bees Hill Models, Electra are happy to present conversions for the BR Mark 1 test coaches used in the formation.

These are Test Car 5 and Test Service Car 8, which was fitted with a diesel generator to power the APT auxiliaries. 

A typical formation would have been:

HST PC - TSC8 - APT Power Car - TC5

Test Service Car 9 was also introduced to work with commissioning the APT-P trailer vehicles.

For more details, please check out the excellent APT-P Website here